In the old fashion, we ran code in linear method among CPUs. With OpenGL, you can run code in parallel tasks among the GPUs. That’s much faster. Don’t you want to have a fast program under your design? Let’s work on OpenGL with C++. In this chapter, I will focus on setup and opening the first window.

— ==== Menu ==== —

📲 1. Download Requirements
🔨 2. Generate GLFW Project with CMake
🔧 3. VS2019 — Setup Project
✒️ 4. Main C++
😊 5. GLAD &. Set Background Color

📲 1. Download Requirements …… →Menu

Android Studio supports JDK 8 or a newer version. Ubuntu has preinstalled OpenJava, which is a compact version. As a developer, you need to install JDK 8 from Oracle. After you swap the OpenJDK to Oracle JDK in Ubuntu, you can install Android Studio.

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☕ 1. Java Installation
📱 2.
Android Studio Installation
🌙 3.
Create a Shortcut
🏄 4.
VM Acceleration

☕ 1. Java Installation …… → Menu

If you have installed Oracle JDK, you can skip this part.

Minimum Requirement — JDK Version 8:

You need Linux ARM 64 Compressed Archive.


Create a folder — java at opt:

$ cd \opt
/opt$ mkdir java

I need to upgrade my hard drive from SSD M.2 500GB to SSD M.2 1TB👌. I will show you my process and problem during the installation. During 24 hours, I had to swap the hard drives at least 10 times to find the problem. I needed to clone drive at least 5 times for the login issue and startup issue. My experience will help you to save some alternative steps and time⏳ for this simple upgrade. No more dump talk. Let’s begin.

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👓1. Hardware &. Software Requirements
🙋 2.
Windows Local Account
👯 3.
☯️ 4.

Android Debug Bridge is a pathway between your PC to your Android phone. Many commands behind the Android Studio are executed by ADB. I will go over some ADB commands so you know what it does. I write about this article because some old 👵commands of ADB are not working anymore😱. I have to try them one by one to refresh our memory.

— === Menu === —

💡 1. Requirements
📱 2.
Enter the Emulator or Device
📋 3.
Grab Logcat
📀 4.
File IO | Backup
🏄 5.
ScreenShot | URL | Image Gallery
📲 6.
System Command
🕎 7.

You don’t need a complex breakfast to supply your nutrition for the first day of the meal. Let’s begin.

— === Steps === —

🥚 1. Boiling some eggs
🥑 2. Process Avocado
🍞 3. Bun + Cheese
🍵 4. Breakfast for Today

🥚 1. Boiling some eggs …… → Menu

Not many people knew how to boil the eggs. You may buy some boiled eggs from the supermarket. I really don’t like them, especially the taste. Also, I am the one who knows how to boil a fresh egg. You will love it when boiled eggs are processed from your own hands.

Pick Your Eggs

No matter what color you pick, white…

Google Map can add an image overlay to show the customer’s logo. In this part, you’ll learn how to create a menu and image implement on the map. In advance, you can change the map style in runtime.

— === Menu === —

🎨1. Create a Logo
🖌 2.
Create a Menu Icon
📜 3.
Add Menu → Home
🚵 4.
Image Overlay
🍍 5.
Menu Option
🎮 6.
Second Menu Item
🛬 7.
Map Style in Runtime

🎨1. Create a Logo …… → Menu

Find the detail about your customer on their website or they supply to you. This logo image must have a transparent background.

For example,

Save to res/drawable

You can design the map style online. It’ll take two steps to make a new change on your Android application:

✒️1. Create Style of Map
⏳ 2.
Use Map Style

✒️1. Create Style of Map

Link: Styling Wizard: Google Maps APIs

Click the URL:

Now, the Cloud-based Maps Styling is still beta testing. Let’s choose the old-style wizard.


I will use the exercise,Map-Platform-101-Android from the Codelab. However, its instructions are NOT user-friendly, you probably get a blank screen at the beginning.

👹: What D! He#$!


E/Google Maps Android API: Authorization failure.  Please see for how to correctly set up the map.
E/Google Maps Android API: In the Google Developer Console (
Ensure that the "Google Maps Android API v2" is enabled.
Ensure that the following Android Key exists:
Android Application (<cert_fingerprint>;<package_name>): YOUR_SHA1;com.homan.huang.mapdemo

Don’t worry! I’ll help you to solve this issue. Let’s begin.

— === MenU === —

👊1. Generate API Key
Enable Billing
Link API key to…

This is my collection of driving tests before I entered the California DMV. I include some class-C and class-A exams. Endorsements include Air-Brake and Passenger.

— === Menu === —

✔️1. Pre-Trip Exam
…… 🖲1...5 …… 🖲6...10

🚙 2. Class-C Exam
…… 🖲1...5 …… 🖲6...10 …… 🖲11…16

💺3. Passenger
…… 🖲1…5 …… 🖲6…10 …… 🖲11…15 …… 🖲16…20

🚚 4. CDL Exam — Air Brake
…… 🖲1…5 …… 🖲6…10 …… 🖲11…15
…… 🖲16…20 …… 🖲21…25 …… 🖲26…31

🚛 5. CDL Exam — General Knowledge
…… 🖲1…5 …… 🖲6…10 …… 🖲11…15
…… 🖲16…20 …… 🖲21…25 …… 🖲26…30
…… 🖲31…35 …… 🖲36…40 …… 🖲41…47

🚛 6. CDL Exam…

Homan Huang

Computer Science BS from SFSU. I studied and worked on Android system since 2017. If you are interesting in my past works, please go to my LinkedIn.

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